Flavio M. De Stefano - @aka kopiro

Software Engineer; with passion - working at @Spotify

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One of the greatest satisfactions is to create something on your own; my best way to do it's by coding.

I started like everyone starts: by studying algorithms and data structures in C and C++.

In the meantime, I used to build simple apps using .NET technologies and experimenting with ancient Windows Mobile phones… and it immediately became my passion.

Specializing as a full-stack developer using classical PHP, learning Wordpress and Joomla, I then focused on building APIs using Laravel.

During the mobile era, I started to learn Appcelerator Titanium for cross-platform mobile apps and becoming a contributor to this framework.

In my work, I like to build stuff by applying a lot of math, very useful in WebGL and low-level graphics animations.

In the last few years, I used NodeJS as the main backend language and built web apps with React, Redux, and GraphQL. I also made some experience in IOT with Arduino and Raspberry PI boards.

I learned how micro-services ecosystems work and managed Docker containers, CI pipelines by building infrastructures in AWS.

Building bots, vocal assistants, CLI utilities and working with Unity in the free time, I love to build useful stuff that solves everyday problems, and as soon as I can I release open source project.

Forever obsessed with cyber-security, I like to do CTF challenges and keep studying every day.


OSS Projects

  • siriwave - The Apple® Siri wave-form replicated in a JS library. ★ 1065/139
  • ti.notifications - Useful Titanium+Alloy widget to handle notifications messages when app is in foreground. ★ 85/24
  • trimethyl - Titanium toolchain with superpower and wrapper around bugs. ★ 100/22
  • ti.tilt-image-view - FacebookPaper-style tilt-fullscreen Image viewer widget for Titanium Alloy. ★ 55/14
  • ti.formbuilder - Build forms for Titanium with just an object. ★ 25/6
  • ti.loader - Alloy+Titanium widget to display a loader mask for you applications. ★ 43/15
  • ti.goosh - GCM/FCM module for Titanium. ★ 54/35
  • ti.passcode - Alloy+Titanium widget for an identical iPhone lock screen with passcode. ★ 22/5
  • ti.siriwave - SiriwaveJS porting for Titanium as Alloy widget. ★ 15/3
  • ti.sharer - Sharing widget heavily inspired by AirBNB, with default drivers and the ability to add custom drivers to share. ★ 23/7
  • dotfiles - kopiro's (.)files ★ 7/1
  • tommy - Web Assets converter and optimizer ★ 1/0


GPG: 0xEDE51005D982268E