Flavio De Stefano


Sr. Software Engineer @Spotify in Stockholm 🇸🇪
🕵️‍♂️ Cyber-security obsessed
🤖 I've built a monkey AI
📠 I like RJ45 cables
📃 oh, I hate YAML

Hey! I currently work at Spotify in the Stockholm HQ as Senior Software Engineer, building the Web Player and the Desktop App; other than several acquisition products like the widgets.

I'm interested in cyber-security, cryptography and I have fun in building bots, vocal assistants, IOT devices and CLI utilities. In my free time I love to build stuff that solve everyday problems, and as soon I can I release them as OSS projects. In general, I tend to apply lot of math in order to create elegant and readable algorithms.

One of the greatest satisfactions is to create something on your own; my best way to do it's by coding.


I started coding in high-school by studying algorithms and data structures in C and C++. In the meantime, I used to build simple apps using .NET technologies and experimenting with ancient Windows Mobile phones… and it immediately became my passion.

Specializing as a full-stack developer using classical PHP, learning Joomla, Magento and Wordpress, then I focused on building REST APIs using Laravel. During the mobile era, I developed a lot of iOS and Android apps using Appcelerator Titanium and became a contributor to this awesome framework.

In the last few years, I used NodeJS as main backend language and I've built web apps with React & Redux and GraphQL. I also made some experience in IOT using Arduino and Raspberry PI boards. I learned how micro-services ecosystems work and dig a bit into dev-ops by managing Docker containers, CI pipelines by building infrastructures in AWS.