Flavio De Stefano

Senior Engineer living in Stockholm - alias: kopiro


I'm currently working at Spotify, building the Desktop App, the server and client of the Web Player, and other several acquisition products like the widgets.

During my free time, I'm learning about cyber-security and cryptography, and I'm having fun contributing to OSS projects.

I started coding in high school by studying algorithms and data structures in C and C++. In the meantime, I used to build simple apps using .NET technologies and experiment with (now) ancient Windows Mobile phones… and it immediately became my passion.

Specializing as a full-stack developer using classical PHP, learning Joomla, Magento, and WordPress, then I focused on building REST APIs using Laravel. During the mobile era, I developed iOS and Android apps using Appcelerator Titanium and React Native.

Before joining Spotify, I used Node.js as backend language and I've built web apps with React & Redux and GraphQL; I also made some experience in IoT using Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards.

I learned how micro-services ecosystems work and dig a bit into dev-ops by managing Docker containers, CI pipelines by building infrastructures in AWS.

One of the greatest satisfactions is to create something on your own; my best way to do it's by coding.